Heart Centred Reiki supports all levels of you and your pets -
mental, emotional,
spiritual, and physical

Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner

Animal Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner

Meet Noelene Gration

I was first introduced to energy healing in the late 80’s when my counsellor suggested I try Reiki. I was seeing the counsellor to support me to leave a violent and abusive relationship.

Over the next few decades, I learnt and loved other healing modalities, noticeably Heart Flow Healing, and my relationship with Reiki grew and flourished culminating in becoming a Master Reiki Teacher and opening Heart Centred Reiki in 2020.

However, just prior to opening Heart Centred Reiki, I flew to America to begin rewarding and life changing studies with Carol Gurney at the Gurney Institute of Animal Communication. COVID interrupted these studies, but commenced again when I enrolled in and completed the Animal Mastery Program at Communication with All Life University. The Animal Mastery Program Animal Communication and Energy Healing for Animals. It was an intense 18 months of studying at university level and included 200 case studies, many hundreds of hours of digital learning, many more hundreds of hours of live classes over ZOOM, two nine-day intensives and electives including acupressure and subtle energies.

This work has allowed me to extend my services to animals and to different treatments, and exciting to me to animal communication. They have also made me a better and more compassionate healing facilitator across the board.

I am a member of both professional Reiki Associations in Australia: Australian Reiki Connection and Reiki Australia and meet all their standards.

About Heart Centred Reiki

From the first day that Heart Centred Reiki opened its doors, our aim was to provide our clients – human and animal, with the best experience possible. 

Each step, from your first contact with us to the completion of your treatment or animal communication is tailored to make a positive difference to your life.

Provided in a safe environment, either in Black Range or over the Internet, our services are trauma informed, to facilitate healing for your highest good with harm to none. Animal communication services give your pet a voice, improves the animal/human bond and allows you to address issues that impact on your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Noelene is a member of the professional Reiki Associations: Australian Reiki Connection  which requires her to keep up to date with First Aid Certificates and Working with Children Certificate. She has also completed Cultivating a Trauma-Informed Reiki Practice

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental health and well-being of human and animal members of our community through treatments, online and in-person classes.

Our Values

We work from the heart

We work in nature

We work with everyone

We work with Integrity, authenticity, and compassion

 We work creatively

We work with intuition

Your Health and Safety

Reiki practitioners are regulated, and it is important to ensure that your practitioner has the relevant professional qualifications, memberships and meets state Government Codes of Conduct.

Codes of Conduct: In Victoria Reiki practitioners are governed by The Code of Conduct for General Health Services who are not regulated by the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency. 

Industry Membership: As a professional Reiki practitioner, with membership with both of the professional Reiki Associations in Australia, I have completed approved Reiki training, have up to date First Aid qualifications, am covered by insurance, and undertake professional development.

Reiki Modality: I work in the Traditional Usui modality.

Infection Control: I have undertaken updated infection control training including COVID 19 infection control.

Insurance: Heart Centred Reiki holds professional insurance.

Privacy: Heart Centred Reiki complies with the Privacy Act 1988.

Informed Consent: I will explain how the session works, what to expect and any issues that could possibly arise after the session as well as answer your questions.

Working with Children Check: I have a current Working with Children Check.

Trauma Informed: I have completed the Cultivating a Trauma-Informed Reiki Practice Course.

Crystals: If we use crystals, we will always get your permission first. We endeavour to ensure that the crystals we purchase are not sourced using exploitative labour and are mined using sustainable methods.

Not sure which of these are right for you?

Please Note: Reiki and other energy healing methods are meant to be used as a complement to traditional care
or as a personal relaxation or stress reducing tool.
They are not a substitute for qualified medical or traditional care.