Feeling at Cross Purposes? – our Create a Purposeful Life by Activating your Chakras workshop might help!

For many years I worked in public relations, communications, and marketing. I loved much of this work for a long time, but it was a big relief for me to start working on my true passion – energy work (and animal communication, but that is another blog…)

I am excited to put my skills and knowledge in business together with my skills and knowledge in energy healing and Reiki to create this exciting and fun workshop Create a Purposeful Life by Activating your Chakras

So if you have been sitting on an idea for a while but not been able to take it to the next level, think about joining us in this workshop. You might have a business idea, an idea for a hobby or to help our environment, our community, or some other cause close to your heart.

Our workshop, Create a purposeful life by activating your chakras might be the missing link between it remaining a good idea and manifesting into a purposeful and successful venture. Our chakra system is our internal architecture for transformation and manifestation. We use specific chakra visualisations, meditations, self reflection and creativity to map your path to manifestation. In addition we will be working with well known external tools – systems that allow us to communicate our idea and get the word out, using our heart to identify those aligned with our values to us, goals and objectives, plans, and timelines.