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My lifelong love for animals and my study of animal communication have brought great joy to my life.
As a child, my family wasn’t great at showing each other love, but oh my gosh, could we show it to animals!

I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by horses, dogs, cats, cockatoos, Guinea pigs, farm animals and more.

Every time I give an animal Reiki I have an intense feeling of love exchanged between us, which probably makes this the best job in the world.

The ability to give your pet, (and even wild animals) Reiki is an incredible feeling. Just do a Reiki 1 class or an Animal Reiki 1 which is similar to Reiki 1 with a focus on practicing Reiki on animals.

Most Reiki classes mention Animal Reiki, without information or time to practice on animals.

Those attuned to Reiki can do the half-day Animal Reiki Workshop to build their knowledge and confidence.


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