Using Reiki to deflect negativity and encourage positivity.

Negativity can be insidious, worming its way into our lives without our notice until it is prevalent. Reiki can help us to deflect negativity and promote positivity.

I was recently given some feedback from a friend who attended a workshop that I presented. Overall, the workshop was very well received by all who attended, but later my friend pointed out that a story I told which was mostly positive contained criticism of a service that I used a few years ago.

I was grateful for the feedback. People come to a Reiki class or workshop to be uplifted and from now on that will be my priority. I was also reminded from my work in public relations how important it is to avoid talking about others in public, you do not know what relationships may be in the room. In this instance, my friend was a fan of the service that I criticised and although the story was more about me than anything else, I would not want to upset anyone attending one of my workshops.

The other reason that I was grateful for the feedback was that I know how insidious negativity can be. We watch negative television shows, hear negative stories on the radio and social media. When we are surrounded by negativity, we hardly notice it in ourselves until it seems to be a part of everywhere and it saps our energy.

Effective ways to deal with negativity before it has a chance to infiltrate our life include:

·     Notice the sensations in your body when you are feeling negative and if you are feeling worn-out, run-down or any of the other emotions or feelings that you have noticed in the future, remove the thing that is inducing negativity in your life.

·     Being attentive to negativity at all times and close down the source of negative energy – television, social media, internet, news sites

·     Remove clutter and use Reiki to routinely cleanse your home of negativity. (This is something Heart Centred Reiki can do for you, if you are not yourself attuned to Reiki)

·     Practice self-Reiki daily

·     Be mindful of who you spend time with, positive people can help you stay positive.

·     Trust your gut! If something instantly makes you feel depleted it is most likely something with a lower vibration

·     If you are attuned to Reiki, put your hands on as often as you can. If you are attuned to symbols, use the Master or Power Symbol often.