Reiki Awareness Week – Nov12th – 21st 2021

Reiki Awareness Week is celebrated between 12th and 21st November in 2021. This week is the initiative of one of Australia’s membership associations for Reiki professionals – Australian Reiki Connection.

Luckily, some of Heart Centred Reiki students who completed Reiki 1 with us some time ago, will be updating their skills to Reiki 2 during this time. So, we have decided to use the occasion to both celebrate Reiki Awareness Week and our newly minted Reiki 2 professionals.

At 2 pm on Sunday 14th November, Heart Centred Reiki is inviting members of the community to visit us for the opportunity to receive Reiki from students using Reiki symbols for the first time.

If you would like to attend this free event and support local people who are learning to become amazing healers while receiving a free Reiki, please use this link to book in.

Bookings are essential. Once we receive your free booking, we will send the address and other relevant details.

You are also welcome to stay and join us for tea or coffee and a chat about how Reiki works.