Lost that Reiki feeling?

There are many reasons that we might not maintain a Reiki practice forever. Life can get in the way. I loved Reiki more than I ever would have imagined but did slowly do less and less and then stop altogether a while after getting involved with a  partner who had no interest in Reiki (or the spirituality that went with it for me). But I did come back to Reiki and later other energy healing modalities.

If you have rekindled your love of Reiki, but lost your confidence, get in touch to see if a Heart Centred Reiki seems the right fit to help you deepen your connection with Reiki and the confidence to give yourself Reiki and share it with others.

  • The Reiki Refresher will include:

  • Precepts, principles and practice of Reiki

  • Table technique

  • Symbols (if you are already attuned)

We have scheduled a half day refresher course for Saturday 25th March, Get in touch for more information