Today is World Gratitude Day

There is so much in life that I am grateful for. Including, as I get older, being grateful for some things that knocked me sideways when i was younger.
I didnt realise then that I was being knocked from a path of almost certain destruction, to a path that allowed me to explore where i was going and helped me make good choices.
Do I have a Gratitude Journal? Yes, do I write in it? Rarely, but that is not to say that I dont acknowledge gratitude daily, I do. In the shower i think about what is coming up in the day and express my gratitude for all the opportunities coming my way.
When I spend any time with my animals I am grateful for their love and devotion, for everything that they have taught me.
I am grateful for the opportunity to learn animal communication and energy healing with Communication with All Life University and the many people who have trusted me with communicating with or sending healing to their beloved animals so that I can get my case studies done.
My friends who patiently listen to my stories that are perhaps too often about pigs, dogs and horses. My friends who have stayed in my life for many years even though we live great distances apart.
My home that not only gives me a place to live, but inspires me to live my best life every day.
So much more. The big things, the small things, the hard things, and the delightful things.
Thank you.
And please enjoy World Gratitude Day with your own reflections. On here, in a journal, or in your head. How you do it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are aware of your gratitude.