Why can’t I eat meat?

When I am conducting Reiki courses, I send out information to the enrolled students to help them prepare for the attunement ceremonies that allow them to connect to the universal Reiki source.

One of the recommendations that I make is to avoid meat and alcohol in the days leading up to the training and during the training. However, before a recent training, two people rang to ask why they needed to give up meat, so I decided to write this blog.

Firstly, I only make the recommendation, it is not an essential part of the course and I never ask students if they did or did not eat meat or drink alcohol.

There is a reason that I make the suggestion, (and it is not because I am vegetarian!) It is just one of a number of strategies to help students open their energy channels so that when the students receive the attunements, their energy channels are as open as possible to receive the Reiki energy.

Your vibration is the sum energy of all your cells. We aim to live wthin a high vibration which Reiki helps with, as does eating high vibration foods.

So what difference does meat and alcohol make?

We know that all food is not the same! We have all eaten food that makes us feel exhausted, drained, and struggling with brain fog. The same food might make us feel bloated or nauseous. These are likely low vibration foods.

We have also eaten food that makes us feel better, lighter, and healthier. These foods are probably high vibrational foods. Foods that are full of life force energy.

We are made up of energy, and eating is simply a transfer of energy. We fill ourselves with energy in many ways, one of which is eating high vibrational foods. For some, no meat can be considered low vibrational, and for others, humanely treated chicken and fish in moderation are low or medium vibrational. Although I suggest forgoing meat and fish for a few days, I also urge people to do what makes it easier for them to attend. I would hate people to worry about attending because they have eaten some meat!

Have a look at the graphic depicting high, medium and low vibrational food. If you plan to continue your Reiki journey, more of the high and less of the low vibration food will help you greatly.

The information about where foods sit in the vibrational hierarchy came from:

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