An Energy Healing Detour in my Current Journey

It has been a big couple of months for me and for Heart Centred Reiki. Just before heading away to New Zealand for a very relaxing holiday visiting friends, I became aware of a pop-up shop grant available from Ararat Rural City Council.

If you could negotiate a shorter lease with the landlord of one of the empty shops, you could be eligible for a grant to offset some of your expenses.

I checked and found that my favourite shop in Ararat was still empty and so with equal feelings of excitement and trepidation I sent in an Expression of Interest.

The next part of this journey felt drawn out, although it was actually pretty quick and mostly consisted of my negotiating a short (6-month) lease from New Zealand.

 Heart Inspired Healing opened on the 17th October. The first week was very quiet and subsequent weeks have been marked with love and kindness through digital platforms, and curiosity and excitement coming through the door. Such a beautiful community.

picture 1 shows CEO Ararat Rural City Council CEO Dr Tim Harrison and Noelene Gration standing outside 125 Barkly Street Ararat, Picture 2 shows Reiki precepts on black board in treatment room, pic 3 shows treatment room

 Energy healing services are available to people and animals. People inside the shop and animals where we can negotiate a spot to meet. I am so lucky that there is a divine seating area right outside the shop that will meet our needs for an introduction and healing. In addition, animal communication and readings are available.

There is also a small range of crystals, smudge sticks, natural shampoos and gifts available to purchase.

 On Friday 17th November, four weeks after opening the door, we will be opening the service in a celebratory way. As it coincides with Reiki Awareness Week, we will be offering free mini reiki sessions to anyone who pops in between 11am and 3pm. At 4pm we begin the celebration with an indulgent sound bath by Julie Wilson.

 Of course, the beautiful Black Range, home of Heart Centred Reiki is still in use and busy. It is still available for healings and will continue to be where Heart Centred Reiki classes continue to take place.

 I am excited to see how this chapter continues – I am pretty sure that it will continue to be full of community love, energy healing, animal healing and communication and lots of growth.

 Thanks to everyone who has supported my journey over the years.

Image of animals who have received energy healing - NOelene with a Dalmation dog, Pony looking startled and lovely gray and ginger kitten sitting in a cat bed.