What does Reiki feel like?

It is impossible to describe to someone what they will feel during a reiki session, because it is different for all of us.
We will nearly always feel an incredible sense of relaxation, some of us will fall asleep, some will feel warmth and or tingling in certain parts of their body, some will see colours, visions, hear words, sometimes a difficult problem that you have been struggling with will suddenly have a solution.

On international Earth Chakra Day, I had a beautiful reiki as part of a reiki share where practitioners/healers give each other reiki and I thought I would let you know about my experience.

I had slight anxiety because the reiki share was at my place and it was the first of what we hope to be a long tradition of reiki shares, I wanted it to go well. We were outside amongst the trees and cockatoos on a warm breezy evening which meant that I was in my element and in itself was relaxing. I could hear Strawberry and Texas, my pet pigs talking to each other across the way which filled my heart with love. Was it the feel of the warm breeze that felt so wonderful? Was it the quiet chatter of  Strawbs and Tex that filled my heart with love, or was it reiki? I don’t know, but I suspect that reiki had a part. The things that were entirely down to reiki included:L
A beautiful pink glow that I could see with my closed eyes
A sudden and unexpected feeling of love and care specifically for me that lasted into the next day and is still felt
Relief of the pain in my left hip
A sense of all being well with the world
A sudden sharp and fleeting pain in my right lower calf, (I tell clients that this may happen when a blockage is released – to breathe into it and it won’t last long). The pain was gone before I had a chance to breathe into it.
The next morning I woke early, got up and fed the animals, and watered the garden all the while marveling at how incredible the world is and I felt incredible gratitude.
My next reiki will likely be different, but also likely be as affirming, gentle, yet powerful
I would love to hear about your reiki experiences. 

Below are the images that I took early this morning while reflecting on gratitude and reiki