Attunements, a beautiful ceremony that makes every Reiki Class memorable.

I started to write a blog on Attunements ages ago but was interrupted and did not get back to it.

Yesterday I read an article about Attunements that reminded me about the blog and that it was important to me, so I got back to it.


Many energy healing activities include Attunements. In Reiki, students receive Attunements when they do their first, second, and third level Reiki training. The Reiki Attunement, (sometimes called initiation) opens us to the flow of Reiki energy, raises our vibrations, and connects us to universal life energy and its source. The energy resulting from the attunement lasts for ever.

In my opinion, once a person is attuned, the Reiki Master who attuned them needs to support them in some way to continue their practice because attunement and practice helps us to understand the energy and find our spiritual path.

What is an attunement?

An attunement is a sacred energy ceremony that is part of the Reiki class. For many, that connection to universal life energy that comes with attunement; along with regular practice; following the reiki precepts and principles can bring about lasting positive life changes..

I have loved every attunement I have received and as a teacher I love attuning students and taking seriously the responsibility to provide as much practice and support as possible after the class has finished.

Are attunements sacred?

There are many different forms of Reiki and just as many attunement styles. In levels 2 and 3, as well as the attunement ceremony, we are introduced to powerful symbols. Although symbols are easily found on the Internet, my teaching has always been that they are sacred and should not be shared except with those who are attuned and students undergoing the attunement ceremony.

That is not to say that attunements should only happen in classes. Once a person is attuned they can be attuned again outside of classes. Sensei Usui attuned his students often. His aim was to further enlightenment and healing was a fortuitous side effect rather than being the reason for the attunement. 

Recently, a young woman asked me if I was a Reiki Master, I answered yes. She then asked if I did Attunements and again, I answered yes, explained that I was a teacher and I did Attunements as part of teaching Reiki students. She then asked if I could attune her. She did not want to learn Reiki, but very much wanted to be attuned. We had a long chat and I explained that I could not attune her except in a class and there were many reasons for this including that it was important to learn the ethics of Reiki, it’s rich history, it’s precepts and principles. Honouring Reiki is important to me, and I would not feel like I was honouring Reiki to attune her without her learning Reiki

An attuned person had offered to attune this young woman, but she was level 2 and not a Master but the young woman felt more comfortable being attuned by a Master. I do not know if she found someone of if she is still looking, but I hope that she finds her way to a Reiki Class and learn to love all that Reiki can offer including an attunement.

We have a list of classes, many of which include the beauty of an attunement on our classes page.