What do you know about Chakras? Understanding them can improve your health and wellbeing

What do you know about chakras? Did you know that you have seven major chakras, also known as energy centres? That each of these major chakras are associated with specific emotions, organs, systems, and glands. Chakras become unbalanced and blocked in a range of ways – illness, stress and anxiety, poor diet, drugs and alcohol, anger and insecurity.

A feeling of imbalance could result in pain and stiffness, depression, anxiety, lack of energy or too much energy and much more.

Reiki is a great tool to help you balance chakras and our Unblock your chakras to create better health and wellbeing course teaches you about the properties of each chakra, how to identify imbalance and learn how to balance them.

Apart from reiki, there are other practices that can help to address the imbalance. These include yoga, meditation, chanting, walking in nature, exercise, signing and more, depending on the chakra that requires work.

Our next Chakra Balancing Workshop is on the 25th and 26th February 2023.

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