Healing and Intention go Hand in Hand

When it comes to energy healing, intention is everything.

It is one of the most important things that I teach in my reiki classes and it can take some time and practice to feel like you have it right.

A Reiki intention needs to be:

·         Clear

·         Positive

·         Simple

·         In the present tense

·         In the highest good of the client with harm to none.

Every Reiki session that I do includes an intention at the start.  The intention is always that the session be for the client’s greatest and highest good with harm to none. Depending on the client’s circumstances and wishes I may elaborate on this intention, but I never leave it out.

We do not have expectations, because we never know what an outcome to the intention will look like, and it is not our business.

Recently I had a reiki client who had written her intention on a piece of paper. She handed it to me asking me to use this as the intention for the reiki. I asked for permission to add that the reiki be for her highest good with harm to none. She gave permission and held on to the piece of paper while the reiki was channelled.

I loved this idea. That she had really thought about what she hoped to get from the Reiki (which was her first). I can imagine people writing an intention that did not meet the criteria of positive, in the present tense etc. But that give us a great opportunity to gently talk to them about working on their intention to make it more positive..