“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France.

All I want for Christmas is to do what I can to support the wonderful animals, both in my life and unknown to me, but suffering from pain, fear, anxiety, or in need of healing for some other reason.

I am so grateful to be able to channel Reiki to my own beloved pets, those of my clients, and those wild birds, insects, and reptiles who live alongside me and stay close to the Reiki studio when I am giving a treatment.

It is impossible not to love animal Reiki that brings with it a love connection, (sometimes even before I have met the animal) and stays long after the treatment session is over.
I am also an animal communicator and the love connection is one of the loveliest parts of animal communication as well.

In the last week, I have had the joy and privilege to give Reiki to a range of animals. A truly gorgeous giant of a cat who has cancer. His purring was incredible, like a big machine getting louder and louder. Pulling one foot out from under his body at a time so that I could reiki each foot one at a time.

A joey whose mum was hit and killed by a car close to my place. A neighbour on her way out rescued it and left it with me while waiting for a wildlife carer to come and pick her up. The joey was in a hessian bag held to my chest and the thumping of its poor dear heart! After a few seconds of Reiki he sighed audibly, relaxed in the bag and was putty in my arms.

Finally, my own precious Paris. Needing and hating daily medication, Paris was getting harder and harder to catch. Preferring to go without dinner rather than let me near her. I finally made the time to do something that I should have done much sooner. I sat outside on the mounting block with Paris, Strawberry and Texas (my dear pigs) sending Reiki energy to anyone who wanted it. I also connected with Paris to explain the importance of her medication. Ever since she has been completely back to her old loving self. Waiting for me with her soft nicker at the gate when I arrive. Standing quietly while I administer her liquid medication, and up for lots of cuddles. 

The joyful thing about sitting outside sending Reiki to all creatures who would like it brings the birds, bees, butterflies and Blue Tongue close, hovering for a while before wandering/flying/hopping away contented and relaxed.

Reiki is always used for the being’s highest good and cannot cause harm and it is truly a privilege to channel to both people and animals.

I have added two workshops for anyone wanting to learn a way to use Reiki to support the animals they care about:

A two day Reiki 1 class with a focus on animal reiki in 2022 and

A half day workshop for people who are attuned to Reiki but feel a little lost when it comes to the effective ways to give reiki to domestic, farm or wild animals.

 If you love animals as I do, one of these classes might assist you to support the many animals in our world in need of help. I would be glad to talk with you if you have any questions.