New Year House Cleanse

Reiki is a great way to treat stress and anxiety, illness, and more. It can also be used to detoxify your space.

I do a Reiki cleanse of my house a few times a year, after illness, recovering from grief, and always at the start of a new year. I have read articles about various ways of doing a house cleanse and the ones that I have tried and believe are effective that are included here:

Cleanse your room

1.      Standing in the centre of the room, breathe in, breathe out, and relax.

2.      Make the intention, I will now clean this room and bring about peace, joy and love.

3.      Start the flow of Reiki, and envision it reaching every part of the room, clearing away negativity and leaving the room/house covered in white light.

4.      Continue until your intuition tells you that it is complete.

5.      Draw the Power Symbol on the door, and on each window, for protection.

 Cleanse with Ki Ball

 1.      Make a Ki ball (a ball of Reiki energy) and place it in the centre and corners of the room, and any other areas that you feel called to place the ball. Create a new ball for each placement.

 Cleanse your bathroom

We are most likely to have excess negativity and unwanted energy in toilets and bathrooms – that is where we wash it away.

To cleanse,

  1. Draw the power symbol in the centre and all four directions of the room.

  2. Intend that all unwanted energy drains from the room leaving your bathroom clear and safe.

 Cleanse with Lemons

  1. Find your largest, clear glass bowl and fill with lemons

  2. Draw the power and any other symbols that you feel drawn to on the palms of your hands and the bowl of lemons. Beam Reiki to the bowl for 2-5 minutes.

  3. Place the bowl of lemons in the central room of your home,(repeat this in other rooms if you feel drawn to

  4.  Stand in front of the bowl and visualize a large ray of white light coming from the sky down straight through the bowl of lemon and into the ground, leaving sparkles of yellow light radiating  out of it, sucking away negative energy

  5.  Again, draw the power and any other symbols that you feel drawn to on the palms of your hands and the bowl of lemons. Beam Reiki to the bowl for 2-5 minutes.

 Smudging to Cleanse

Many cultures around the world burn herbs or incense to cleanse their space. White sage is probably the most common herb used in smudging sticks, (tightly packed dried sage leaves tied together)

 I usually use a mix of sage, (known to remove negative energies) and lavender (known to infuse positive energy) from my garden. Smudging is a great basic energetic hygiene to help remove negative energy, (from illness, after an argument, moving into a new home).

  1. You can buy a smudge stick, or just use loose sage that you can buy at the supermarket.

  2. I light the smudge stick and use it to draw all symbols in every corner and doorway of each room. As  I draw the symbol, I say its name three times.

 Incense to Cleanse

You can alternate the smudge stick for an incense stick and do the same thing.

Electronic and Digital

You can also Reiki microwaves, television, refrigerators, and computers and mobile phones the same way.

 Don’t forget to give thanks to Reiki! for helping you clear negative energies from your home.