World Wildlife Day

Most Sundays, I bring all the animals into the ‘front paddock’, sit on the mounting block that is in there, play reiki music, activate my hands and hold them out offering Reiki to all the animals, birds, insects who may like it.

Birds fly to the tree that I am sitting under from trees further afield, stay for as long as they need and fly away again. Butterflies hover and bees buzz.  Strawberry and Texas my pigs walk into my hands and wait for a while, Paris, my beautiful pony comes close and the dogs stay close by.

Today, World Wildlife Day, I do my usual practice, while expressing my gratitude and counting my blessings.

But also, for World Wildlife Day, I have signed up for the Atlas of Living Australia which collects data on Biodiversity in Australia. I look forward to this for so many reasons. I will be even more observant on my walks and I will be contributing to the understanding of biodiversity in my region and in Australia.

Our wildlife is unique, and in need of help to survive climate change, habitat destruction, wildfire and flooding that destroys their homes. Can you make a commitment to our wildlife on  World Wildlife Day? What will it be?

I will continue to send reiki to the wildlife who live in my area weekly and to send it further afield when the crisis our country is in becomes tangible through fire and flood.